CruBox prides itself on its house-made program that ensures not just a good sweat, but also an engaging educational benefit.

Whilst moving with the music, clients will learn authentic boxing technicalities that even professional boxers utilize in the ring. A 50 minute boxing workout at CruBox encompasses high intensity, music-driven bouts of cardio and strength training intervals that keep the heart rate elevated. The classes will vary in exercises, featuring a mix of heavy bag work and bodyweight strength training which builds maximum agility, endurance and concentration.

We promise to get you hooked.

Fight With The Pack

What doesn't kill you can only make you stronger.

CruBox believes that boxing reflects life; It’s all about finding your rhythm and facing challenges that only make you stronger and wiser. There are no easy patterns to follow and no promise of easy shots. Thus, you must be innovative yet consistent, relaxed yet focused, and have a will to stay strong till the end. Not every punch is a knock-out shot, there are set up shots that you needn't waste your energy on. It’s all about identifying and capitalizing on your path to success whether it be in the ring or in everyday life.

Come for the Experience, stay for the change
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