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CruBox’s signature 50-minute workout encompasses high intensity, music-driven bouts of cardio with intervals of strength training to keep the heart rate elevated.

Founded by siblings Valerie Ding, Bebe Ding and Calvin Ding, CruBox is their second fitness concept to be launched locally, after the ever-popular CruCycle, and offers a unique full-body workout that choreographs authentic boxing moves to a killer playlist. CruBox provides an intense yet addictive workout experience that is coupled with a strong community element, to women and men of all ages, fitness levels, and boxing abilities.

All classes at CruBox follow a specific in-house crafted programme rooted in fundamental boxing techniques, honed over a year of extensive research and trial. The programme was developed in conjunction with Julian Chua, a professional boxer and certified coach who is also schooled by world-renowned trainer Freddie Roach. It combines a high-intensity cardio workout with strength training, using authentic boxing techniques distilled from professional fighting maneuvers. CruBox provides clients with a solid foundation in the actual sport, building power, agility, endurance, and mental discipline, but in a fun and inclusive setting.

They cater to all levels of fitness and exposure, with Group Classes and even Themed Classes (Think Hip Hop Wednesdays, or 90's Remixes) favouring a more convivial experience, while 2-on-1 or 1-on-1 Private Sweat Sessions edge towards the more intimate and exclusive. With each class capped at a maximum of 36, the studio offers a signature blend of community spirit and personal attention that has been proven to keep people coming back for more.

Led by Master Trainers Julian Chua and Beatrice Ding, all class instructors are carefully selected via audition and thoroughly trained in the studio’s special programme, in order to deliver the highest standards of quality. True to its key belief in authenticity, all equipment is specially imported from the United States, from training apparatus, such as the CruBox boxing bags, to the brand’s bespoke merchandise, including gloves, hand wraps, apparel, and water bottles.

More than just a workout, CruBox sets itself apart with its mission of culminating exercise and lifestyle, rooted in a passion for helping others become stronger physically, mentally, and spiritually. Cru aspires to build a strong sense of community between like-minded individuals, founded on the belief that “stronger together” is key to life, in that much more can be achieved together than alone. It is no coincidence that the Cru brand is represented by a wolf, as the Cru collective functions like a wolf pack where “fight with the pack” is its motto. Valerie Ding, co-founder and CEO of CruBox, says “I’m very excited to shake up the boxing scene in Singapore with the opening of our first CruBox studio in Singapore, and I hope to create a mutually-empowering community here where we can grow together in strength, skill, and confidence.”

CruBox is a boutique boxing studio centered in the heart of Los Angeles. Its primary focus is group exercise, mastering technique, and a full body workout. By culminating both fitness and lifestyle, CruBox aims to fill a void in the market of high-end boutique boxing studios by centering itself on product perfection and building brand identity. Check out our Blog to find out about latest insides.

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